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Smileys @ iTalkout
Use smileys in your sharings for cool expression
Name Code Smiley
Smile :)
Sad :(
Laughing... :D   :d
Cool (cool)   8)   B)   b)
Talking... (talk)
Wink ;)
Crying... ;(
Sweating... (:|   (sweat)
Speechless :|
Kiss :*
Cheeky :P   :p
Blushing... :$   (blush)   :”>
Wondering... :^)
Sleepy |-)   I-)   i-)   (snooze)
Dull |(
Fall in Love (inlove)
Evil grin ]:)   >:)   (grin)
Yawn (yawn)   |-()
Doh! (doh)
Angry :@   xD   X(   x(
Wasn't me! (wasntme)
Party time (party)
Worried (worry)   :S   :s
Mmmm... (mm)
Nerd (nerd)   8|   B|   b|
Hi (hi)
Devil (devil)
Angel (angel)
Wait... (wait)
Chuckle (chuckle)   (giggle)
Clapping... (clap)
Thinking... :?
Rolling on floor laughing... (rofl)
Relieved (whew)
Happy (happy)
Shaking... (shake)
Too much infos (tmi)
Fubar (fubar)
Punch (punch)
Handshake (handshake)
Coffee (coffee)
Pizza (pi)   (pizza)
Cake (^)   (cake)
Raining... (rain)
Heart (heart)   (H)   (h)   (L)   (l)
Ninja (ninja)
Star (*)
Cash (cash)   (mo)   ($)
Heart broken (U)   (u)
*Available in all type of texts except name
*All smileys are animated

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